Thursday, September 28, 2006

A year ago... The Cat

My dear cat-lovers, It has been a year since one male cat, who lived with me and my brother (rather to say, he was forced to), miaued by the door, wishing to go outside. He was released to exit with curse, and never came back..... Looked for days, dreamed at night .... and I regreted that I have said last words to him in bad way.

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If there is no these pictures, I would not remeber who he was as little being. Lively, you know yourself, as onlu the kitten can be. And it grows very fast.

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I miss his soft fur, and to feel warmth from his little body .... When he put his head down, and trasforms in a ball. To put his nose under my chin. To lay on the book that I read.
A molly. And a sleep-lover. I would not be surprised if he spoke some words one morning.

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When he was about 7 years old, he became a real Jack. He didn't jump on everyting moving, and looked everything in a "What's the point?" way.

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That's The Cat. I don't know if he is still alive, did somebody accepted him in thier appartment, or he died somewhere from cold. I don't want to take other kitten, not because I can't cope with that, but because I believe that it will be very unhappy 8 hour a day, all alone.

Monday, September 25, 2006

And now ?

Now, winter is coming, and I will be knitting much more. I have to finish these gloves, make letters on the fingers, like on Than, to finish this Orange V shirt, make the sleeves, and then join them.

Finally, I have made these trousers, they are a part of blue complet for my nephew, who will be born in November :)

Knitting this summer

This summer I was a little bit lazy..... well, who will knit on 40 degrees C ??

As I sad, you can read on my other blog all about making these things. I will show these works in brief, than, working on new project, post the same text, only translated....

Knitting last years

Here is something from last 3 years, mostly from winter 2005/06. I was very happy when I found out all those patterns and schools on the net.

First post

Hello to everyone that has bumped on this blog :)

My name is Maya, and I live in Serbia. I already have a blog,, but since it is on Montenegrian, most of the knitters around the world don't understand the word I'm writing. So, here is an english version, about knitting, reading, walking, and sometimes .. chocolate :)